Edwin Jagger Chrome Lined Double Edge Razor - Long Handle DE89LI
Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Chrome Lined Double Edge Razor - Long Handle DE89LI

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The Edwin Jagger DE89 Series Razors are always all chrome but with different grip textures on the handles. The DE89LI Chrome Lined Handle features vertical raised lines extending from handle to collar providing an anti-slip grip for wet hands, plus it has the longer 3.75 inch handle for larger hands. Edwin Jagger logo engraved at collar. Handle is 3.75 inches long. Overall length is 4 inches. 

The precision razor head fixture is the same on all Edwin Jagger DE razors and known for giving a smooth comfortable shave across the spectrum of beard and skin types. It has a “straight bar”, also called “closed comb”, design, which refers to the smooth part of the razor head that rests against the face, keeping the blade slightly off the skin, providing the “safety factor” protecting against nicks. The “straight bar” or “closed comb” razor heads are most popular, used by 95% of men, to provide the safest most comfortable shaves. The razor head unscrews from the handle for blade changing and cleaning and is high quality chrome plating with precision fit and finish.

The DE89LI razor is a mid-weight DE.  Mid-weight DE razors between 2.4oz. to 3oz. are generally considered for average normal beard growth and all skin types. These are the most popular razor weights for the average guy who shaves every day and desires a close but comfortable shave. Mid weight razors are good choices for first-time as well as experienced users of DE Razors and by far the most popular of all DE’s.


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