Edwin Jagger Mach 3 3pc Shaving Set Ebony S81M71611
Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Mach 3 3pc Shaving Set Ebony S81M71611

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This Edwin Jagger hand assembled 3 piece shaving set with faux ebony color polyester and nickel plated brass components, pure badger filled shaving brush, Gillette Mach3 razor and matching shaving stand, is ideal for any wet shaver. The medium weight and well balanced shaving razor and brush combination look great in any bathroom and provide many years of luxurious wet shaving. excellent value for money and a perfect gift for all occasions.

Edwin Jagger is a well respected brand from Sheffield England who launched lovely and well accepted designs for many razors and brushes. Passionate for non traditional shapes and forms Edwin Jagger conquered the North American market in the 90's by bringing to the classic wet shaver that spark of beauty and elegance that set new standards in shaving. Their craftsmen are still using hand made finishing for may of the products that Edwin Jagger sells.


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