Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 10ct

Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor Blades 10ct

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  • Traditional double edge razor blade
  • Stainless steel
  • Platinum-coated


Merkur's long history began over a century ago, when Emil Hermes hung out his single in front of his cutlery factory and named it Merkur (Roman equivalent of Hermes, messenger of the gods). Today the winged messenger logo graces high-quality grooming utensils, like their double edge razor blades.

Blades are a very subjective grooming product, so finding your right one is a process. Merkur puts a reputable entry into the running with this traditional product. Made of stainless steel and platinum-coated for comfort and protection, this blade graces the razors of many wet-shaving fanatics. Merkurs fit all standard double edge razors.

Made in Germany.